West or South?

Neil the Ethical Werewolf, guest blogging over at Ezra's place, posted yesterday that the Democrats' hope for victory lies with a Southern presidential candidate and that the "Look West, Democrats" strategy that's popular amongst some in the blogosphere (me included) is, well, wrong.

To say that I disagree vehemently with this is an understatement. I posted several lengthy comments arguing my side (as did several others), and between us, I think we convinced Neil to maybe reconsider the benefits of a Western strategy. I won't say we changed his mind, but we definitely gave him food for thought.

Anyway, a great discussion took place in the comments thread to that post so you should really take a look. My first comment appears at Apr 1, 2006 12:44:16 PM, with two more following, and lots of really excellent commentary from others both before and after.