The feeling's mutual, assholes

Yeah, yeah, it's been awhile. And there's been, like, fifty bazillion topics I could be posting about, all of them something that would have an equal probability of making my head explode. But you know, life happens sometimes and I just haven't had the time.

But for whatever reason, I have time to post a quickie. Let's file this under "I goddamn hate these fucking bastards"

excerpted from Bush's 41-Second Flip Off to America posted at Daily Kos:

...And lo and behold, the Daily Digest reports a 41-second pro forma Senate session, from 12:00:04 PM to 12:00:45 P.M., on that date. The Senate convened, immediately adjourned and thus began a "recess in the middle of the session," not meeting again until January 18, 2006.

The day following the less-than-a-minute convening, of course, Bush made his recess appointments—now officially during a session of Congress—which allowed his eminently rejectable appointees to complete the "balance of the session in progress plus the full length of the session that follows." Meaning we’re stuck with this gang of uncomfirmable, incompetent, unqualified losers for an extra year....
In light of everything else that's been going on, it's just one small drop in the bucket of evil awfulness. They pull shit like this ALL. THE. TIME. I don't know why this just happened to piss me off particularly more today than all the other crap they do. It's just a perfect example of exactly how much utter, arrogant disdain this President, this Administration, and this Party have for our country and its principles. As the poster's title says, this was nothing but a great big "fuck you" to the American people. This is what they think of me and you. This is how much respect they have for us.