The Working Society

Okay, so y’all know John Edwards was my guy during the last election. I can’t remember if I told you the whole story about why, but it boils down to the first time I heard him give his “Two Americas” speech way back in the Fall of 2003. And I still think he’ll be President some day.

Well anyway. I’m still on his mailing list and today, I received the email about his latest speech, “The Working Society”. I don’t know, maybe it’s what I needed right now, because I’ve been feeling a little low and pessimistic about the future. Or maybe I’m still hoping to find that candidate that’s going to be the bright shining star during the next election and I think he’s the one (I mean, I am and I do, but it’s entirely possible I’m not entirely realistic about his chances). But whatever the reason, it’s...well, it’s good. Really, really good. Like I’m finding again that optimism that I felt the first time I heard him speak. No, not just that, but the optimism that led me to support Gore not just in 2000, but waaaaay back in 1988, when I stumped for him the first time. In Wyoming. In high school. God, I was such a dork.

So anyway, read it. Seriously. Like now. Not only does he not run away from liberal ideas, he embraces them. Hell, he proposes new ones. Not just rhetoric and vague talking points, but actual, honest-to-god ideas and proposals and solutions. It’s too early to know if he can sustain this kind of proaction and lead the candidate field in the next couple of years, and who knows what other candidates might emerge between now and then, but for the time being...well, I'm hopeful.


Anonymous said...

I loved that speech. This should be the new progressive vision. Frankly, Edwards is a first-class messenger with a first-class message. I've always thought that winning the general election will be a cakewalk for him; it is in the primaries that the tough competition will be on. Anyway, I can see myself working for him in 08 :)

Thanks for sharing.

Miss Bitty said...

I absolutely agree that this should be the new progressive vision. It's what the Dems are sorely, sorely lacking and instead, we get tarred and feathered with whatever BS message the Republicans decided to put on us. That absolutely needs to stop; we should be dictating the message.

If he keeps this kind of thing up, I can see myself working right alongside you in 08. :)