Three Simple Things To Remember

This time last year, the future solvency of Social Security was the hot topic, due entirely to Republican fearmongering that was nothing more than an effort to kill a program they've hated since its inception. Unfortunately, many very smart people, including many smart liberal people, fell prey to the misinformation and downright deception about this topic, and though they didn't agree with Bush & Co., they too wondered if perhaps we ought to maybe do something about Social Security.

At the time, I posted several links to Kevin Drum's series that explain exactly why Republicans are full of shit on Social Security (continuing their undefeated record on bullshittedness) and that the program isn't in any trouble. Period. And just to drive the point home a little further, Kevin's got another short 'n sweet summary of why Social Security continues to be Perfectly Fine, Thank You Very Much.


Sure, the debate was killed deader than the dismembered-and-finely-chopped corpse of a B-movie zombie last year, but I see no reason not to set that baby on fire, just for good measure. So, to sum up:

  1. Social Security is in no danger.
  2. Social Security will be available for many generations to come.
  3. Republicans are full of shit.
Got it?

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