it's the holidays, time to redecorate

What with the holidays and all, and Blogger's official transition from Blogger Beta to New Blogger, it seemed like a good time to redesign the blog up a bit.

I made the switch over to Blogger Beta a couple of months ago, suffered through the various buggy crap like everyone else who made the switch in beta, and despite some of the headaches, I do like the simpler interfaces and the ease of changing the design and color without having to edit the code by hand. Because messing around with HTML and CSS leaves precious little time for actually blogging, and as I'm sure my devoted readership of two whole people can attest, I already do this infrequently enough as it is.

So. Hope you like the new design and layout. Note the new format for the archive, which I think is my favorite part. I didn't get to pick the pic up top and haven't yet figured out if or how to switch it out with something else, but I pretty much like the overall look. It's nice to change things once in awhile, no?


My Marrakech said...

Dear Miss Bitty-This is a great new look! Love the color combo. My Marrakesh is going to get a new face lift sometime soon too. Unfortunately, I am not as clever as you - and so I am going to have to pay someone to this for me. But *can't wait.*
Hope you are having very fun holidays. What did your husband whip up for Christmas dinner?

Miss Bitty said...

Thanks! I can't claim too much credit -- I just used one of the templates from Blogger and did a little bit of tweaking. But it's good to have a change.

Looking forward to seeing the new look on your blog. Have you found someone to design it yet?

We had a nice, quiet holiday. Our tradition for Christmas day (for the last few years) is a 15 hour marathon of the Lord of the Rings Extended Editions. So fun, right? We actually don't do a big dinner, but instead do a lot of tasty snacky things -- my husband's unbelievably fabulous hot wings (we could rule the world with that recipe, my hand to god), my own BBQ meatballs (family recipe), lots of veggies, cheeses, crackers, homemade sausages, dried fruit, homemade breads, and a bunch of other stuff I'm probably forgetting. Oh, and my Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cake, something that is considered a MAJOR treat in our house. It's a recipe that's been passed down from my grandmother to my mother to me, and which I didn't actually get until I got married.

And how was your "Merry Merry"?

My Marrakech said...

I wrote to someone who designed a blog that I like and has a blog banner/logo, etc. company to see if she could give me a quote. Her company is called fireyeyed and her blog is Juniper Designs. If it is not too pricey, I will jump. Must watch the budget, though. Today I spent $3000 on antique Moroccan doors. Yay! and worth it but you know, rice and beans for a while.

We had Christmas dinner outside - lamb tagine with almonds, honey baked ham that my parents brought from the US, roast potatos, haricots verts, a waldorf salad,followed by tangerines picked from our garden and lemon meringue pie (lemons from the garden) and a pear and hazelnut tart made from scratch. The peacocks put on an amazing show and kept opening their tails in front of us about 15 feet away. We had over a Russian/American couple who were here on holiday and who are close friends of close friends of ours. Very lovely people and it was just *very nice.*

I LOVE that Lord of the Rings marathon concept. And don't get me started on the hot wings and BBQ meatballs. Yum!