Every woman is a serial killer, every man commits genocide

We haven't talked a whole lot about reproductive rights and women's health as a political football, but I think we can all agree that it is a foundational issue of a progressive life, of allowing the freedom for women of every age, background, and social strata to determine their own reproductive destiny without restraint. I'm not just talking about abortion here, or the pill, but complete and total sexual autonomy, including the right to have a sexual life that is free from repression.

This topic has been on my mind a lot of late and yes, we'll be discussing both sexual education and abortion in a couple of back-to-back Second Saturdays in the near future (haven't decided when yet). But in the meantime, I may be spamming the community with links that are related to start fleshing out the field of debate and explore what it truly means to be a feminist*.

So, read about the latest brainstorm by the so-called "right-to-life" movement (don't buy into that framing...they should be called anti-choice and/or anti-woman) that pretty much outright confirms that their movement has nothing whatsoever to do with saving the widdle helpless babies and everything to do with controlling women's sexuality.

*Also, because this is as good a place as any to post it, the all-time internets-winning rantalicious manifesto on what it means to be a feminist.

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