I have lots of comments to make on here but I wanted to post some miscellaneous related links so I can clear them off my browser.

First, I came back from the coast to emails from friends who had all sent me the same two email forwards about Sarah Palin -- one a tirade from a famous playwright, the other a call to action by a group of women asking us to voice our objection -- which made me glad to see that they're getting such wide dispersion. It's not often that lefty viral emails get the same wide distribution that right wing nutso emails do, so keep sending those out, everyone. And here's one to add to your list. It's a terrific editorial by Anne Lamott that has infilitrated my f-list, I'm happy to say, so spread that one around, too.

(Oh, and don't forget to find out your Sarah Palin Baby Name! Mine is Chisel Dustup Palin. Awesome!)

Also in the vein of women standing up to object to Sarah Palin, here's a heartening firsthand report from the "Alaska Women Reject Palin" rally that took place Sunday. (The Mudflats blog, by the way, is your go-to source on all things Alaskan politics. It's the perfect example of citizen journalism, too. One day, this blogger is just laboring away on his (or her?) little-noticed blog about local Alaskan politics to a tiny readership. Then his state's governor is given the nod for the GOP VP and his comment threads skyrocket from 3 or 5 comments -- 30 on a busy day -- to 1500. It's thanks to the Mudflats blog that the liberal blogs had so much well-researched oppo info on Troopergate within hours of the announcement, among other things. Viva la revolucion!)

Speaking of Alaskan natives speaking out against Palin, my dear husband called me on the way to work to tell me to tune into Air America. Ed Schultz did a townhall type broadcast from Alaska today and boy, were people pissed off! Not at Ed, at Palin. It was a really terrific few hours of radio and I highly encourage you to listen to the podcast.

Lest we forget that Palin's appeal has rallied the base -- and how truly terrifying they can be, and what's at stake here -- they're making comparisons of Palin to Deborah of the Old Testament, the prophet who called herself "the mother of Israel" and led the Israelites to purge their land of invaders. Anyone who tells you that the right-wing Christians aren't on a crusade are deluding themselves or speaking in tongues.

But I've saved the best for last, to be sure we don't end on a down note. If you missed it Saturday night (like we did), here's the opening skit, in which Tina Fey (whom Palin has been described as looking like) and Amy Poehler make me question my sexual persuasion because OMG I LOVE THEM.

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