Godmium is the new black

Since Bush & Co. have decided science is just an inconvenient nuisance to their Grand Plan and that hundreds of learned scientists and entire bodies of work meticulously cultivated by some of the brightest minds of humankind are both inaccurate and stupid, what need of science? And Fafnir, being a good and patriotic American, has kindly obliged by creating a convenient New Science. Helpful topics include:

"GODOLOGY! Why believe in God on crummy ol faith when New Science proves for a fact that he absolutely has to exist? Trained Godologists have determined that God orbits the earth in the celestial empyrean beyond the ninth sphere of the primum mobile. He is composed of 23% copper, 12% zinc, 4% nickel, and 61% Godmium, a special metal only used in the processin an manufacture of God. NASA Godnichians are hard at work buildin a space probe to launch into God by 2015!"

Godology: coming soon to a highschool science textbook near you.

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