The rest of the Party gets it

So we all know I'm pushing a Dean/Rosenberg co-chairmanship, or at least a Dean chairmanship at the DNC. And you'd have to be mentally deficient not to recognize the DNC needs reform in a major way, hence the push for a reform candidate. Unfortunately, the old school power brokers of the DNC and DLC aren't on the same page and could doom us to another 4 years of misery and marginalization.

But Kos has a nice piece about the possible winds of change a-blowin', with an excerpt from The Hill about the county and state DNC members who are pushing for reform, including a recognition of grassroots campaigning and the need to focus on electoral races at all levels, in all states. Hmm, is there an echo in here? Apparently, they're ready to play hardball with the old school factions to get their way, too. That doesn't necessarily mean a Dean chairmanship, but it does mean some serious reform. Apparently, they don't like getting their heads handed to them any more than the rest of us. Awesome.

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