It's not February, and yet it feels like it's my birthday

Eight months ago -- the day before my birthday, in fact -- I quoted a commenter on another blog:

"Take heart. All empires contain the seed of their own undoing. The arrogance of this administration is that seed."
Well, reserve that keg and order some party platters, kids, because Festivus has come early this year and the party? It's gonna be epic, man. A sneak preview:
Kevin Drum predicted some of these, oh, about a year ago, as well as some I haven't listed here, and many, many more that are on their way. The world may be going straight to Hell in a Bottomless Handbasket, but at least we'll get some live entertainment along the way.

[*ThinkProgress has an excellent summary of all the players in the WHIG (White House Iraq Group), including their role in the whole sorry mess, what they've said on the record, and how they fit into Fitzgerald's investigation.]

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Malinda said...

You made my day yesterday and your father's day today! Hilarious!