"If you have sovereignty, you're sovereign"

On Thursday, Kerry stands and delivers at the Unity conference, sounding, oh I don't know, presidential, for which CNN et al. cut the live broadcast short for a "breaking news" announcement (see previous post). On Friday, it was the Shrubbery's turn in front of the same group of minority journalists.

So I just have this simple question for all my Republican friends out there: sure you wanna hitch your wagon to this guy's train?

"sovereignty is, well..."

(Sal heard the the news snippet on Air America on Friday, but I only heard the last little bit -- and I missed where they all laughed at Jr. -- so I've been searching for it ever since. Obviously, though, I wouldn't expect it to show up on any of the major newscasts. It's not like he told a skeezy reporter for a rightwing-nutjob-funded whackbar newspaper to "shove it" or anything.)

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