Yeah, those terror warnings aren't political. Whatever.

We were listening to Kerry's speech this morning on CNN to the Unity 2004 Conference when they cut in with a "breaking news" announcement about the arrest of some Islamic suspect in upstate New York (I think they said he was an Imam, but I'm not sure). An al Quaida muckety-muck, you say? Feh. They were pretty vague about exactly why he was being arrested or, more to the point, what about the arrest merited a "breaking news" interruption. In fact, I can't even find anything about it on the main page of their website.

But apparently, it warranted interrupting the Democratic candidate's speech to a group of minority journalists about, among other things, what Kerry would've done had he been sitting in that Florida classroom on September 11th, but it wasn't important enough to get a mention on their website. And before Kerry's speech, CNN had been broadcasting W's speech to [insert name of fawning syncophant group here] about his usual "terrorist, terrorist, terrorist...9/11, 9/11...god bless America". In full. Uninterrupted. Uncut.

Fucking assholes.

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