The other side of the coin

An absolute MUST READ, via Brad DeLong:

Jill Gabrielle Klein Talks to a Ph.D Student from North Africa

two especially difficult excerpts:

So what is the utility of studying? What the utility of knowledge or of science? Humans at 2004 are not more human than humans thousands years ago. The
government of the most advanced country is a group of liars, and criminals. The soldiers of this country are the most savage ones (I have watched many documentaries about their barbarisms in Iraq). What is the advantage of science if it’s not to advance ethics, and what is the importance of advancement without the thics?


In fact, you, Americans you are softer with animals than with humans when they are Arabs and Muslims and from the third world.

I really envy you.

You know, I really don’t think to be a mother in the future, I want to protect my son or daughter from this life by not letting him come...


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