DeLay going down?

Could it be? Could it really, really be? Could Tom "Lucifer was a Wussy Do-Gooding Saint Compared to Me" DeLay really be at the end of his destructive reign?

Laura Rozen of War and Piece says yes.

In addition to a Kerry win, the ousting of DeLay will be an answer to the very fervent prayers of this non-religious agnostic. Whether it's the corporation corruption scandal, the Texas redistricting kerfuffle, or the whole fake charity front thing that finally brings that evil little man down, I don't care, just as long as he's brought down, preferably with a mighty-satisfying smackdown, but whatever, as long as he's frogmarched all the way to a Texas prison.

Look, George Bush isn't the only problem with what's happened to our country in the last four years. It was a confluence of events, almost all of it engineered by the GOP beginning in 1994 and the "Contract With America" horrorshow, coupled with the party's exchange of traditional conservative idealogy for power-hungry zealotry, that has brought us to the brink of the abyss we're all staring down into right now.

And make no mistake. It's not just George Bush that's culpable, here. Nor is it just Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. It's Doug Feith, Scooter Libby, Armitage, Wolfowitz, etc. within the Executive Branch, working in tandem with the hacktacular Bill Frist and Denny Hastert and unbelievably craven and corrupt Tom DeLay that have driven us to our knees. (I consider people like Condi Rice and Colin Powell only slightly less culpable, mainly because their blame comes from either incompetence (in the case of the former) or selling out their integrity in exchange for god-only-knows-what (in the case of the latter). Either way, they're not the driving force behind the situation we now find ourselves in, but they sure as hell made things a whole lot worse.)

That's why it's not just important that we get Kerry into office NOW, it's also imperative that we do everything we can to change the make up of the Congress to rid ourselves of the totalitarian stranglehold the Republicans usually have, as well as getting rid of the High-Asshole-In-Chief DeLay. Frist and Hastert are, as I said, hacktacular, but it's DeLay who has an iron-fisted grip on the Republican caucus and it's DeLay's brutal, Machiavellian, take-no-prisoners methodology that has turned the Congress into nothing more than a check-writing machine for the most vile, contemptible, and corrupt factions imaginable. Getting rid of him isn't going to magically make everything all better, but just like getting rid of the Shrubbery also gets rid of his entire evil Administration by default, it's where we have to start if we have any hope of turning things around.

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