Lies and the Lying Liars...

Had myself a post nearly finished this morning on the multitude of lies spewing forth from Cheney last night, complete with a wealth of links refuting most of them, but Blogger ate it up and never spit it back out. Sigh. The hazards of electronic media, I guess.

Doesn't matter, though. The rest of the blogosphere has been on it (as one would expect), and Kevin Drum has put together the top 6 most egregious ones into a handy chart format. With pictures, even!
The Washington Monthly: Lie Patrol

Too bad Edwards had to waste so much of his time calling Cheney out. But it's to his credit that he managed no only to accomplish that, but to also hit all the major Kerry/Edwards talking points, and doing it with polish and that million dollar smile. The Bushies are just happy that ol' Dick didn't peel his face off and scare all the little children before bedtime.

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