Help is on the way

Sorry for the dearth of posting. Have family visiting until Tuesday morning so I don't think I'll be blogging at all until Tuesday at the earliest. We have an election party downtown on Tuesday, in which we, along with other like-minded Democratic friends, watch the poll results come in and either cheer or scream in unison, depending on the results and/or vote suppression shenanigans. Either way, I expect everyone's planning to get well and truly plastered. And, as an indication of how crazy-making this election has been, this non-drinker is seriously considering getting plastered right along with them.

Anyway, depending on how things go, how much fun we're having, and who's still sober by later in the evening, we may or may not return home later that night to blog the rest of the election results. In lieu of blogging it with us, I highly recommend Daily Kos as your one-stop shop for all things election-day.

Last and most importantly, VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

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