Life Imitating Art

One of the stories I've been working on for awhile is a kind of "espionage and international intrigue" sorta thing (with supernatural elements...yeah, I know). I haven't been working on it for a few months (this goddamn election has taken most of my free time) but I've been doing online research about government stealth training and tactics. Since I do most of my research late at night, when it's easy to believe conspiracy theories and the normal sounds of an old house settling sounds exactly like the sly approach of a serial killer, I've thought on more than one occasion that Ashcroft & Co. might be suspicious of my online habits. In the cold light of day, however, such thoughts of course seemed quite preposterous. But apparently, I was right to be paranoid.

Author's Civil Liberties Violated By Federal Agents:

SB: Did you have any reason to suspect you were being targeted for a raid, any advance notice?

Dilyn: No. Not a clue. Although, for awhile prior to the raid, I thought I was being stalked. Mail was missing from my box, I caught someone searching my trash, I saw a prowler in nit yard and actually called the police. One of my neighbors saw someone watching from across the street--she wasn't sure if it was my house or hers. She called the police, too--turns out they taking surveillance photos.

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