Couple more things

I owe the youth voters an apology. Yesterday, I said the youth vote didn't materialize and that they didn't give a shit. I was wrong. They did turn out and they voted in their highest numbers since 1972. Because their turnout was 17% of the total turnout, which is the same percentage as 2000, I thought that meant no increase. But if I'd used the most basic probabilty and statistics skills I learned in, well, junior high, I would've realized the fallacy in my thinking. They turned out in high numbers, but so did everyone else. Thus, the unchanged percentage. Anyway, a reader over at Daily Kos has it right, along with a map of how the electoral college would've looked if the youth had had their way. You kicked ass, youth voters, and I thank you for doing your part.

Another bright spot in Day Two of Temporary Political Depression: found out that a very staunch Republican coworker voted for Kerry. And, as proof that there just might be a God and/or Goddess (or two or more), he also voted against the Gay Marriage Hate Amendment here in Oregon. He's not quite ready to call gay unions "marriage", but he's cool with civil unions that provide the same benefits as marriage. At that point it's just linguistics, which we both agreed will take time for people to warm up to. I call that progress.

And finally...yes, Commander Codpiece actually did say today, in his smug and smarmy "press conference", that he "will reach out to every one who shares our goals". As Atrios rightly notes, this is the not-so-cleverly reworded version of "you're either with us or against us".

Well, Mr. Bush -- and for good measure, you too, Mr. Cheney and the rest of the Administration, neocons, religious wingnuts, and for that matter, Bush voters -- here's my response:

Go Cheney yourselves.

In other news, it's entirely possible I'm going to be a wee bit angry about this for awhile. Carry on.

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