Okay, so I was wrong. Sort of.

Not a landslide. But not over, either. As someone on Daily Kos said tonight: "My new battle cry is going to be 'hold the line you bitches'." That's my battle cry and it should be yours, too.

Something's up with the voting results vs. exit polling, not to mention that Faux News called Ohio an hour ago with 200,000+ ballots left to count and 14% of precincts left to report, including the largest Democratic counties. And it's very likely all of our fears about electronic voting are coming true:

"Neverknowsbest points out that the only two states in which exit polls differ markedly from the recorded vote are Florida and Ohio: both critical battleground states, and both states with widespread use of electronic voting machines. In that thread, I note that the normal way of confirming that an election was properly conducted is by noting that exit poll results match the number of votes officially recorded."

The fight has just begun and it's going to be brutal. But Kerry isn't conceding a damn thing and neither should we. This time last year, the media all called it for Bush and I went to bed depressed. I woke up early the next morning to an undecided race and a media with egg on their faces. They apparently didn't learn their lesson, but I sure as hell did, and if you're smart, you did, too. Don't let the media dictate the results to you. Every last fucking vote gets counted, damn it.

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