"Lost" is over, I'm calling it a night

Regarding all the navel gazing...you know what? I'm tired of that shit. We ran a pretty damn good campaign but when you're up against George Bush The Anti-Christ and his Pantheon of Hell, well, those're some long odds, skippy. The Poor Man nails it.

We're still angry, but we're staying. We love our home and our adopted city too much to leave, we've decided. And we're angry. Why the fuck should we get out? They're the ones who screwed this place up, not us. Oh sure, we were (and I suspect, still will, from time to time) seriously contemplating it, hellatious logistics be damned. But someone on one of the blogs this morning made what I think is a powerful point. They said that moving to Canada or England or Australia or Borneo means that you give up one of your most important powers: control. See, the rest of the world may not live here, but everything that America does affects them and they have no control over it. They don't get a vote. They can't contribute money. They're not allowed to canvass or phonebank or drive people to polling places. They're entirely at our mercy. Leave this country and you leave behind your responsibility to the world to fix this mistake, to make it better, to be the world citizen you should be. As Americans, we have a responsibility for the control we have in the world and we must not go quietly into that good night.

Still, secession isn't out of consideration, as far as I'm concerned. The Blue States can all band together and start our own country and the Red States can try making it without us...good luck with that, Red States. Or, if you prefer, we can keep it to just the Pacific Northwest.

But in the meantime, we're going to take a few days to recover and then it's back to work. Personally, I'm quite fond of this idea. As I said on Heather's LJ today: Word up Republican mofos, we're gonna git all up in yo face.

(Hee. It's funny when white girls do street.)


Anonymous said...

It occured to me that in my 50 years I have seen lots of people disappointed by election results before. But never just sick. I have seen and heard of people who are sick, in bed with the covers over their heads, really moved by this. Perhaps this is the only path to great change. I'm taking the good news as AT LEAST WE DON'T HAVE TO WATCH THE ADS ANYMORE!

Miss Bitty said...

Count me as one of those people who is physically sick. As you said yesterday, it's the same feeling as 9/11. The only way for me to deal with it is not to think about it. Except I can't think about anything else. So basically, I'm kind of thinking about it from the periphery, like how you watch a scary movie from the corner of your eye so you can keep watch on it without seeing all the gory detail. If that makes any sense.

It doesn't help that I've also got this cold bug that's been going around.