The AWOL Project

I've been following the Bush AWOL story since I first started my blog. Of all my grievances against Bush, this one rates, eh, somewhere in the lower 100s, of about 1001 reasons why I want him out.

Still, as a potrait of just what kind of man he seems to be -- and by that I mean the sense I get of him as a man, my instinct of him -- it's a highly instructive study. Real bloggers (as opposed to someone like myself, whose blog exists just to get my thoughts out of my head) have been doing all the legwork and research on this (it was Kevin Drum when he was still CalPundit, that first distilled it enough that I could get past the alphabet soup of military acronyms) and over the months, several more have joined the hunt for the whole story. Including, it seems, some of the print media.

The AWOL Project is a compilation of everything we know -- all the facts, evidence, and documentation the blog collective has gathered -- in an extensive and detailed report, including, among other things, an explanation of all those acronyms, Bush's military "service" in the context of the times, and the amazing disappearing act of the exact records that would definitively prove things one way or the other. In short, it's the most thorough resource you're bound to find on the subject. It's worth your time to read it.

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