Convention, Day One

So Clinton just finished speaking and once again, I find myself both sad and angry about the sorry excuse of a man now occupying the White House. I was so disappointed in Clinton by 1998/1999 that I was looking forward to Gore with as much relief as optimism, but having watched Clinton do what he does best, I can't help feeling a certain fondness for him. And day-um, can that man speak.

I missed Gore and Carter so I'm waiting for the whole thing to rerun on CSPAN in a bit. Judging by the reaction in most of the blogs, they both did us proud. It's good to be proud of the Democrats again, to feel like we're on the right track again. Yes, the party's got it's problems -- the stuff I've been blogging for the last couple of days, the run away from its liberal nature, etc., etc. -- but it's a damn sight better than what the Republicans are offering.

Clinton said it best: we tried it their way, and our way is better.

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