One of the good guys

"John Edwards, Esq." by Joshua Green

Via Slacktivist, came across this fantastic Washington Monthly article from 2001 about Edwards' trial lawyer days, among other things. His case against the drain company, in particular, stood out to me because I distinctly remember this story running on one of the network news magazines a few years ago. The story stuck with me because of the details themselves (I simply can't imagine the horror of what these children suffered) but also because of one mother who described what had happened to her son. I never heard about the story again, which I thought strange since it was so compelling. I mean, who knew that pool and spa drains could be so dangerous?

Anyway, the article is a good read and provides some great background on Edwards. This is the guy I was rooting for well before the primaries. Good to know that my instincts about him were well-founded. Sooooo glad he's on the ticket.

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