The Revolution Will Not Be Televised*

As the election nears, with the Democratic Convention next week and more of the general voting population finally turning their attention toward the race, I become increasingly convinced that the blogosphere is going to be the the great equalizer in the struggle between the powerful and the powerless, that it'll be our weapon against a mainstream media, political machine, and corporate oligarchy that continues to shut an increasing majority of people out of the democratic process.

Even as the media continues taking their direction from the GOP 's spin machine, feeding us the manufactured news that keeps us occupied with the culture wars and disinformation and outright lies that're meant to distract us from the horrors of torture, the brutality of illegal war, the looting of our treasury, and the assault on the fabric of our democracy, the blogosphere is building an insurrection of truth and information, a movement of the regular Americans who live and work and fight and die in this country. For this country.

We're taking back our country, taking it back from an smug, arrogant, selfish, anti-intellectual, small-minded, malicious, bullying, disinterested, uninformed, lying, cheating disaster of a presidency. And taking back our Congress from a power-hungry, self-serving, outright damaging Majority. We're going to put the adults back in charge, start mending the wounds opened this last four years, rebuild the bridges that've been so assiduously burned around the world, and we're going to hold our party to the highest of standards, expect the best of them, demand it.

So my new goal is to get more people involved in the blogosphere -- even if they don't blog themselves, I'm going to try to get more people to get some of their information from blogs. I want other people to feel empowered by the information that's just a click away, and the knowledge that they aren't alone. Because together, we are mighty.

Don't believe me?** Then believe this. And this.  And this. And absolutely this, thisthis, and this.

The revolution isn't coming. It's already begun.

* post title taken from the title of Joe Trippi's new book
** all links to Daily Kos, because he believes in the revolution; but don't be fooled...his blog is only one of many in the revolution

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