Oh happy day!

Okay, so I've been away for a bit. Does it help that I've felt guilty about it?

Well, we just got busy in October, like super busy, and then there was a lot of family yuck. (For which I've started a separate LiveJournal to keep that stuff separate; I've decided I want to stay strictly political here.)

Actually, I had a lot to say during the primaries, especially during the Dean Scream nonsense, but again, real life called. And then the 9/11 Commission hearings ("...it was a series of actionable items...") and the horror of the torture scandals just basically sucked me dry. I've been in a political depression, worrying that I actually am facing a future for my country of dictatorship and oppression (which we're already flirting with now) at the thought of Bush winning and I just couldn't summon the energy to put into words the utter rage I'm feeling. Coupled with the indescribable mess that Iraq's become and the continued fubars of Bush and Co., it was just overwhelming. Oh, and life stuff, also.

Well, life stuff is still going on and will for the foreseeable future (at least until the Big 4 house projects are done, then Sal and I plan to focus all of our energies on political stuff). But with the VEEP announcement, I'm all re-energized and I've just got to start writing about this stuff like I originally intended or I'm gonna bust.

I was fearful -- yes, fearful -- that Kerry was gonna go with Gephardt, even though the blogosphere CW was saying that Edwards was it. And then this weekend the Gep-winds started blowing and several blogs were citing some unnamed reliable sources that it would be Gep. At which point, I could feel my heart sinking.

But then late last night, someone posted in the comments at DailyKos that some aviation message boards (who knew?) were saying they'd painted Kerry's plane(s?) with "Kerry/Edwards" and I was so excited I could hardly sleep. I even got up early, which happens, like, never, turned on the TV with a mixture of excitement and dread, like it was either gonna be Christmas or a death sentence, and then did the Snoopy happy dance right there in my bedroom when I saw the news.

So now I'm all happy happy joy joy. And thinking my ticket is brilliant, because I just know that they floated the Gep thing and leaked it to everyone to plunge expectations, get everyone all down and depressed, so that when they announced Edwards, it would be that much bigger and better. Brilliantly played, sez I. (And I guess I owe Gep a thank you for allowing himself to be a sacrificial lamb).

May the frogmarching of the current administration commence....

As for the blog...will try to post semi-regularly like I originally planned when I first set this thing up. We'll see. Time is always an issue, but I'll try to do it from work as much as I can. I'm reading about 25 blogs/day so that alone sucks up more time than I can spare in the evenings (though RSS feeds are a gift from on high). But this year more than ever in my lifetime -- perhaps in the history of the U.S. -- it's important that I use my voice and my rights to restore the honor to my country.

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