So it's been a year since I started this blog. Technically. I don't think it really counts, though, since my posting turned non-existent from October to July (with the exception of a solitary January entry). So really, my true blogiversary, as far as I'm concerned, should be July 6th.

But I've been a good little blogger since Edwards' VEEP announcement and hopefully, will continue to be right on through the election and beyond. I'd like to think that with Kerry winning and the (possible) Dem takeover of the Senate and the (optimistic) improvement of Dem numbers in the House that I won't have anything infuriating enough to write about anymore and can semi-retire the blog. But then I wake up to reality and laugh myself silly. Because that? Isn't going to happen.

Don't get me wrong; I'm wildly optimistic about our chances in November. I'm like the little girl in Miracle on 34th Street at the end when she's chanting "I believe, I believe" even though she thinks he didn't get her a house. (It's possible I might be taking hallucinogenic medications, also.) But the fact is, until the Republican party starts hewing to their party's originally-intended course instead of this psychotropic binge they're currently on, they're not to be trusted.

I don't say that lightly. Democracy is of no value without reasonable opposition within to balance extreme interests and keep it on a fairly straight and upward path. That means a respectful opposition of ideas, a nationally loyal minority party (or parties), and compromise. The GOP, in its current form, allows none of those things. We're well on our way to some thing other than the democratic republic that this country is supposed to be...some say we're headed toward fascism, to totalitarianism, to some kind of hegemonic mutation...something very bad. We're probably further along that path to something very bad than any of us care to admit.

So until we settle down to something other than the current state of things, I'll be blogging. Maybe not frequently, maybe not regularly, but I'll be doing it, as long as I have a voice.

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