Is it snowing outside?

'Cause it surely must be Christmas.

Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we have witnessed the self-immolation of the Republican Party. Venality, to paraphrase the illustrious Bart Simpson, is a horrible bitch goddess.

I haven't watched any of the RNC to date. Though, god help me, I did try -- in the interest of balance, donchyaknow. But 2.5 minutes elapsed on Monday night and I was inches from putting my foot through the television; my husband and I decided it was in the best interests of all involved that I just put the remote down and back away slowly.

So of course I missed tonight's entertainment, namely, Darth Vader's (aka "Dick Cheney") snarlfest and Zell "I'm not a Democrat but I play one on TV" Miller going bugshit crazy on national television not once, but thrice. Good times, good times.

Bugshit Crazy, Interlude #1: Kos has the rundown.

Bugshit Crazy, Interlude #2: Even CNN -- that bastion of media hacks -- gets in on the action.

Bugshit Crazy, Interlude #3: And finally, the coup de grace, ol' Zell has a meltdown on Hardball.

So, just to recap:

Our kinda guys...

Their kinda guys...

And as if that weren't enough, Santa has decided that we've been good girls and boys and has rewarded us with a little extra sumpin'-sumpin' in our stockings...looks like that backlash I blogged about is on its way and it's gonna be a doozy.

The guy who got Dubya his cushy assignment in the Guard finally speaks up.

Salon -- Bush family friend recalls Dubya's younger years. (click the free pass option to read the whole thing)

And it turns out, the Swifties' aren't as a big a group as they would have you believe.

That sound you just heard was Karl Rove whimpering in the corner.

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