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Well, well, well…seems the Rethugs have found a loophole in McCain-Feingold:

Daily Kos

Kos is right, the Democrats need to get better at picking up on these loopholes. Normally, I'd say it's good that our party doesn't always look for a sleezy way to bend the rules. (I'm talking in broad strokes here so don't go flaming me and telling me how the Democrats bend the rules. We all know what I mean so let's not be disingenuous and pretend we don't, alright?) But as long as we're up against a party that will stoop to the depths that they've proved themselves willing to stoop to, it's not only pointless for us to continue to follow the spirit of the law, it's stupid. We're not going to win that way. Winning isn't always everything, but this year, it damn sure is.

(posted for the one who called me last night, which is why this is at the front of my brain right now...you know who you are)

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